VARIATIONS #1 (On Order & Anarchy)


Variations #1 ventures to submit to a schizophrenic physical desire for location and fixity, in opposition to a principle of continual change. In this work there is an encounter between four dancers and two musicians whose interplay, agreement and disagreement create a musical-choreographic composition. In a process of continuous difference and variation, Sadler illuminates the relationship between dance and music from a different perspective: when traditional principles of order are suspended, the dialogic relationship of art forms has to reinvent itself. As if in a delirium, the bodies set off in a playful search for direction and orientation.



Choreography and Concept: Colette Sadler
Performance and Choreography: Maxwell McCarthy, Yohei Yamada,
Kayoko Minami, Kerem Gelebek

Music: Noid, Michael Vorfeld, Mario de Vega
Stage and Lighting: Philine Rinnert
Photography: Dorothea Tuch

Production Manager: Mareike Holtz
Production Assistance and Press: björn & björn
Production Dance4 UK: Claire Hicks, Becky Bailey


Sophiensæle Berlin
2nd – 5th February 2013

Nottdance Festival, UK
8th March 2013