Teaching / Research


Ghost – A Real Cartoon

Colette Sadler and Maxwell McCarthy workshop/performance with children / 8+

             26.10.2014  eXplore dance festival Bucharest , Romania

Choreography & Concept: Colette Sadler
Assistance: Maxwell McCarthy

Funded by Jardin DÉurope Life Long Burning

What would your bedroom walls or even your shoes say if they could suddenly talk?

What is the difference between living and non-living things? So, for example, between you, the pavement and the pictures in your books? It may seem obvious but some cultures believe that all things in the world are alive or have a soul. In this workshop performance we want to test that idea out. So where shall we start? This is where our ghost comes in to help…..

GEIST workshop at Freie Universität  Berlin

In June 2015 Colette Sadler worked with students at Freie Universitat Masters programme in Dance Studies on the invitation of Professer Isa WortelKamp. These workshops considered the relationship between image and movement taking the possible relationships between living bodies and their historical pictorial and photographic depictions. The border between subject and object, living and dead, is activated here as an imaginary space for an unstable signifier (the GEIST).