Sadler’s works dDumY ( another myself), The Making of Doubt, I not I and We are the monsters have been concerned with altering perceptions of the human body by morphing and hybridising it to the threshold of recognition. These choreographed performances, operate strongly within the alienated appearance of both bodies and objects. The performers’ body in these works wants to inhabit a place where it cannot be named.

“Notebook series” takes these themes of alterity and transformation by piecing together fragments from Sadlers works 2006- 2012 within a solo performance for gallery or found space. In collaboration with set designer Philine Rinnert, the performers body is placed in a minimal setting of table and chair in dialogue with a laptop that co-inhabits the space. The lap top is taken as a performer of sorts that reacts and responds to the performers actions and words.



Choreography and Concept: Colette Sadler
Performance: Colette Sadler

Setting, Visuals, Costume and Lighting: Philine Rinnert
Photography: Philine Rinnert

“Notebook Series” is co-produced by Düsseldorf
Visual Art Quadrenniale / KIT (Kunst im Tunnel)
Germany and Dance 4 UK. Residency support: CAMPO Belgium.


     Transgressions – Dance festival Hull  ( Hull City of Culture UK programme 2017)
13th May 2017

Sidekicks festival Munich Germany
25th-26th November 2016

Tanz Nacht Berlin Germany
28th August 2016

14th March 2015

Visual Arts Quadriennale KIT, Düsseldorf Germany
16th July 2014