An imaginary future, in which the purpose and necessity of the human body are put into question, creates the departure point for Colette Sadler’s new work. Learning from the Future operates within a science-fiction-like setting inhabited by “BODY A“. This futuristic body is regarded ambiguously as being “alive“, but also as a highly sophisticated machine which posesses no self-awareness and cannot distinguish between inner-intention and external impulses.

The fictionality of “BODY A“ is taken as a poetic means to speculate on an inconceivable reality where ever accelerating flows of information and encoded data could dictate the manner in which bodies move and function. Such a condition subverts the idea of agency. The performer’s body in this piece is taken as a mere container – a channel. It can be filled and emptied. It allows information to pass through it.

Learning from the Future wishes to reflect on the replacement of the living body with the properties of the inanimate as well as with the virtuality of its post-human representation. The choreography uses movement to amplify the primitive power of bodies against the background of their dematerialization and disappearance.

With financial support from Creative Scotland.  Co-produced Dance 4 Uk/Arts Council of England and Centre of Contemporay Art Glasgow. Residency support TanzHaus Zurich , Tanz Fabrik Berlin and Bora Bora Arhus Denmark.