The Making of Doubt takes the human doll as an emblem of representation and places it within the real and impossible condition of its words and actions. Antoin Artaud writes in ‘The Theatre and its Double’,  ‘The mind believes what it sees and does what it believes; that is the secret of fascination’ (3) The ‘making’ in ‘The Making of Doubt’ refers to the process of perception that bypasses rational intellect in a desire to believe in the reality of a simulation.

The fragmented Puppet appears as a limb attached to the dancers body like a quasi-prosthetic, this additional limb ‘irritating’ the perception of both real and fake members. Like the doll the prosthetic is only successful in so far as it reproduces naturalism. These now hybrid bodies produce confusing physical geometries and unfamiliar co-ordination patterns for the performer arising out of integrating the alien limb into the living dancing body.


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Choreography and Concept: Colette Sadler
Performance: Eva Baumann, Maxwell McCarthy,
Sybille Muller, Nefeli Skarmea

Music: Zoviet*France
Lighting: Florian Bach
Dramaturge: Barbara Formis

Production & Choreography Assistant: Marcela Donato
Dolls | Prosthetics: Kattrin Michel & Klemens Kuhn


‘alongside’ British Art Show 7, Nottingham UK
30th Oct 2010

DanceLive / Lemontree Aberdeen UK
22nd Oct 2010

Firsts09, Royal Opera House, London
27th – 28th Nov 2009

Traverse Theatre Edinburgh, Scotland UK
24th Nov 2009

Biennale du val-de-marne, Créteil/Paris, France
25th Sept 2009

ImpulsTanz Vienna “8tension”, Austria
19th + 31st July 2009

Teatr A PART Katovice, Poland
22nd June 2009

Campo Arts Centre Ghent, Belgium
14th Feb 2009

Kaaitheatre “Performatik 09“ Brussels, Belgium
13rd Feb 2009

Tanznacht Berlin
4th Dec 2008

Fabrik Potsdam
2nd – 3rd Oct 2008

Project Arts Centre Dublin, Ireland
8th – 10th Sept 2008

 TRAMWAY Glasgow, Scotland UK
9th – 10th May 2008

WPZimmer Antwerp, Belgium
April 2008

SpringDance Festival Utrecht, Holland
April 2008