Geist15 - eoincarey_0306
Exploring the theme of animism, GEIST articulates and subverts the relationship between the realms of living and dead matter, physicality and consciousness. Oscillating between states of resisting stasis and arresting movement, past-present to present-future, the performers shift in and out of control in the construction and pursuit of being.

The choreography in GEIST is underpinned by notions of ritual and repetition, the bodies trapped in-between contained stasis and ecstatic motion are engaged both individually and collectively in a search for the spirit of action.

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Choreography and Concept: Colette Sadler
Performance: Helka Kaski, Stuart Meyers, Maxwell McCarthy,
Naama Iytel and Joris Camelin

Music: Brendan Dougherty
Stage and Lighting: Philine Rinnert
Photography: Dorothea Tuch

Production Manager: Frances McMillan
Production Assistance and Press: björn & björn
Production Dance4 UK: Claire Hicks, Becky Bailey

Co-produced by TRAMWAY Glasgow DIG festival,
Dance 4 UK and with residency support from CAMPO Belgium.
Funded by Creative Scotland


DIG Festival Tramway Glasgow, Scotland UK
5th – 6th May 2015

9th – 10th May 2015

H.I.C.A., Inverness-shire, UK (solo)
12th May 2015

PEACOCK VISUAL ARTS, Aberdeen, UK (solo)
28th May 2015